03 May 2006

About this blog

Recently, I've been very busy dealing with my school's works and so on, I've lost my grip update this blog, especially my life section(maybe it's boring?).
You know, writing a post about my life sometimes can be boring to read and it takes a lot of time to write, too.

Anyway, I still manage to blog about football boots and music, which I think it's a reasonable post to entertain readers.

I'm having school exam very soon, so I might be stop blogging for awhile, the exam stretches from this Friday to 24th May(my eldest sis' bday!).

Well.... I guess this is it for now.... will try to update it as much as I can.

Do wish me luck in exam. ;)

Sneak peak of Ronaldinho's World Cup 2006 boots.

Nike Tiempo Air Legend, R10 Gold/White.

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