14 April 2006

This week

Damn.... Wednesday's sports lesson was cancaled due the monkeys' competition... from January til now we've just played 2 games from all the PE lessons.... WTF!!

Anyway, I still can compromise that, as the day before I just play football with my neighbours. At least, I still can play football at home even though I cant play at school.

Everything seems to be looking good for me. Other than missing one or two homeworks, I've managed to complete most of the task. I can understand things very fast now. Not that the subject is easy, but I'm in good mood to study. :)

Thursday's chemistry lesson was interrupted by annoumcement through the PA system. One of the teacher is missing, so the principal had to make annoucement few times to order the teacher to shows up in the class immediately. My chem teacher Mdm Nr Hayati wasnt happy with that, gave us her funny comment of the announcement.

Suprisingly, I didnt felt asleep at all in the tuition classes. I've manage to mantain 100% spirit from 2pm to 5.30pm. Usually I cant do this.... Luckily my father fetch me back when I'm done tuition, else I'll have to drag myself to the bus stop 1 KM away to go back home.....

Friday, today is also a great day for me. No prob in all the subjects I learn today.
Dunno why a little sleepy during Phyz lesson.

Today Students Union had annual general meeting. My service to the society is coming to the end. What I can do now is give guidance to the new members that'll take over my post. Good luck to them. I and my friends sneak out from the meeting room soon after they announce the new commitee members.

Whoa.... I've got lots of homeworks to do this week.... Saturday not following my parents goto Genting.... lots of things waiting for me to finish it!!

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