23 April 2006

Chong Hwa Brass Band, Final.

Videos I've took during the band final

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV (finale)


  1. i also got go to this concert,at the 1st i think chong hwa will win,but when i listen another school pancaragam,i already think chong hwa will lose,Why?Because chong hwa "show time" was too short,so i think our pancaragam should make more longer for the "timing"..... this time lose nvm, + oillar,chong hwa =P

    *P.S. our school stundent too noisy(should say "powerful")la,when i listening the concert,i feel annoyed =.="

  2. Haha, yea our school's not bad but the others are better, so we lost.

    Add oil? Oil too expensive leh, add water can liao!! Haha....

    Noisy? Haha it's expected. Everytime also noisy!! :D