22 February 2006

Lucky strike

Exam's driving nearer, yet today I still have many tasks to finish before I can really lay off myself and study.

First 2 lessons are free time to revise, as boys are staying in the class to have "Health" lesson from Chandran. Chandran was good enough to offer me History revision lessons. I decided to make it on Friday after school, and only invite a few friends that might need this kind of help, mainly WenXin as I know she dislike History. Hopefully Chandran doesnt charge us for the lesson, or even if he charges, pls dont tag us too expensive.... :P

Bio lesson, we discuss about next week's experiment. Have to buy a plant to do the experiment. I was proud enough to provide the infomation of a nearby nursery and 'data communication' answers to the class. Hail CLF. :P

I've met this year SRM's multimedia group member. Wanted to expose him with the SRM computer, but too bad the room key was not with JuShua so have to cancel it. Math teacher AAA is giving us a hard time, especially when I was reading a magz when she's talking just beside me. Gee.... her sound is soooooooo soft and I dont even know she's just beside me!! She gave me an annoyed look, but that just the only negative effect on me today.

2 lessons of Eng, Ms Siah was bzy with her work and gave us free time to study. I and few classmates discuss want to write a complaint letter + petition to complain the Math teacher AAA. Not only our class cant stand her soooooooooft voice, but also the other 2 class too. Will discuss with their monitors next week.

As usual, our Malay lesson was entertained by the teacher herself, the teacher-actress combination teaching style. Though she talk crap lot, but then at least I can accept what she's teaching, and enjoy her class pretty well.

1pm, bell rang. After finishing some unfinish task, rush to the bus stop and was lucky enough to on board a bus less than 1 min waiting. I'm taking bus to LRT station and then take LRT to Jelatek station to had my dental-checkup.

I'm very very lucky, reached the clinic just before their 2pm alarm rings. It was a very fast checkup this time, I spent less than 10 mins in the clinic. Dentist informed me I'll be removing the braces soon, and my next appointment is set on 8th May, not crushing with my time!!

From Jelatek, I took taxi to Jln Gombak's Diamond Square where I've my tuition. I had my lunch at the mamak store & still got time to spare for me to revise some subjects.

Bio tuition by Dr H was always a fun class to be. Nowdays I'm getting better and better in my Bio, hahaha!!! :D

Although I had to walk a distance to reach home under the hot sun, but that was nothing as I'm feeling relax and relief, all my task is done. :D

I guess today is my lucky day after all, everything seems to go smooth to me!! :D

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