25 February 2006

Exam Review 1

After having the first test this year, of course I had something to write about it!!
If you think this is a boring post, then feel free to read my other more interesting post please.

= = = =

Day 1, 23 Feb 06

  • Bahasa Melayu
    Very tricky as usual, although it's just 20 marks, but I've been cracking my head to recall those Malay words and phrases.
    Difficulty rating: 8/10.

  • Chemistry
    Suprisingly, this time's paper was an easy one. But then, I've misplaced my answer, so gotta lose 2 or few marks because of that mistaken, sigh. But anyway, manage to answer all the other questions without any prob. :D
    Difficulty rating: 2/10.

  • Moral
    This time only have to memorize 5 moral values. Not so bad after all, hopefully can score more than 16 for this one!!
    Difficulty rating: 3/10.

  • History
    Being one of my fav subject, I'm having a little prob doing this paper. There's a selection of answering 1 from 2 questions, but I've done both questions. The last part of my essay was messy and uncomplete, dunno how many marks I'll earn from the 10 marks....
    Difficulty rating: 4/10.

    = = End of Day 1 = =

    Day 2, 24 Feb 06

  • English
    Weee~~~ one of the easiest paper I had in these 3 days!! It is easy for me, but some thought it's hard.
    Difficulty rating: 1/10.

  • Add Math
    Yet another glory record of my own, but this time I cant score full marks because I dunno how to complete 1 question. After the exam I discuss with my friend, I found that it was just 1 number difference from the answer and my calculation.... sigh.
    Difficulty rating: 3/10.

  • Chinese
    I'm not in good form for answering this paper. Perhaps I didnt prepare well for this one, but thankfully I still manage to do most of the paper. Only the chiense proverbs are causing problems.
    Difficulty rating: 5/10.

  • Biology
    Another my favourite subject, but I didnt do well in the structure questions. The 2 parts I didnt revise well, the lymph system & blood system are costing me in the paper.
    Difficulty rating: 6/10.

    = = End of Day 2 = =

    Day 3, 25 Feb 06

  • Modern Math
    I've been preparing this subject since ystrdy. Thankfully, I've manage to catch up qutie fast, as the teacher isnt teaching at her best standard....
    Not a big prob for me, only afew minor probs.
    Difficulty rating: 4/10.

  • English for Science & Technology
    Sounds cool, but the paper is another easy one, but tougher than English paper. Sometimes I do think that EST are tougher than English paper, but anyhow it's a no prob from me!!
    Difficulty rating: 2/10.

  • Physic
    I've prepared this subject quite well, but only realise the paper came out the WHOLE CHAPTER, and I havent study the whole chapter yet. Because of the sudden impact, I've forgotten some of the theories.... the objective selection questions are harder than the subjective questions. I've done subjective questions before, the teacher copy the SAME question from the SAME exercise WITHOUT altering the question!! How cool is that!! I guess I can get more than 15 marks in this paper this time...
    Difficulty rating: 7/10.

    = = End of Day 3 = =

    I'm free.... for now.
    Writing this exam review revokes me of certain thoughts as I tried to think back last year. Compare to last year, this time I'm doing better in my exams, the subjects seem to be easier in my opinion.
    Those subjects I use to hate, now I started to like it.
    I've become more positive in the aspect of study. Perhaps it's WenXin's impact? Or I'm really set up my mind to study for SPM?

    Anyway, exam is always draining my energy away. I'm easily getting tired and usually sleep around 10.30pm.... It's very tired you know, morning I'm having exam, afternoon having tuition, evening study, and only at night I can really rest.....

    Tomorrow still got tuition class to attend, oh well.... at night going to watch a classical guitar performance at Palace of The Golden Horses....
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