02 January 2006

Holiday is marking it's end

For the next 16 hours, I'll probably on the way to school. Yeah, school term starts from tomorrow. Thanks to the New Year, I manage to squeeze one more free day from my long holiday.

My holiday starts from Nov 05 'til Jan 06. Usually the holiday is too long for me, but this time I think it's short, not enough to spend.

This Last year's holiday passed so fast, I've been through so many things in my life. In mid Nov, my family sent my aunt's final journey of life. Because of that, some of my plans are messed up in this holiday. Nevermind that, it's over now.

I manage to attend my primary school's gathering just before I left for Taiwan. It's nice to meetup with friends before I left.

In Dec, I spent most of my time in Taiwan. It's kinda funny I dont felt homesick like others do, but usually I'll felt uneasy after leaving my home for so many days.
When I get back to Malaysia, I left only a week to settle my things before the new school term starts.

This year I'm facing another major exam, I guess that's the last one for me. SPM is an ultimate exam setup by the Ministry of Education in Malaysia, sort of like O Level. Some said it's easy, but some said it's difficult.

I plan to revise my Form 4 sylabbles, but I dont have much time to revise. I only read afew notes given by tuition center. Talk about tuition, I've missed the Dec tuition because I went to Taiwan. I just hope I can catch up with them as soon as possible!!

Anyway, it's nice to meet my friends after 2 months "lost contact". I'm looking foward for this new school term, as it's my final year in secondary school!!

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