29 January 2006

Adidas +F50 TUNIT

Adidas had launch the new edition of F50 series before the WC 2006 begins. As usual, F50 series are highly customizable and this time the line +F50.6 Tunit(TUNe IT) allows players to customize their boots with high-tech accesories.

Previous F50 series only allows players to change the inner chasis but this time player can change from the studs to the sole.

In my opinion, it's kinda complicated to customize because there's lots of things need to put on the boots, and decide to put which part.... etc.
The colors are not so attractive though, the color makes the boot doesnt look like a football boot.

Personally I like the black one and white one.

There's still some other colors other than those 2, for more info you can find it at ProDirect Tunit.


  1. I think these new +F50 Tunit shoes are amazing im trying to get my hands on a pair (any color). This is what makes adidas differnt from nike, adidas lets u custmize your boot well stell keep the shoes looking great. Nike just boots that have only one speacial feture! Does any one now where i can get a pair of these boots for a low price!

  2. Hi there,

    Yea I do agree with you that it's good to be able to customize the boot according to your personal taste, and currently Adidas is winning Nike in terms of WC 06 campaign.

    Interesting in those Tunit cheaper version? Here's 2 link might help.
    ProDirect Tunit