31 December 2005

Albums I've bought in Taiwan

You know, I love music, but only minority of my friends like the type of music I like. In my trip to Taiwan, I've hooked some nice albums there. The album price at Taiwan is cheaper than Malaysia, but not much difference.

List of albums I've bought.

Ryuichi Sakamoto "Heartbeat"
I bought this CD at CKS International Airport before I head home to KL. My sisters like this artist, so I bought this album for them.

Enya "Amarantine"
This consider a good bargain, convert to MYR is just about RM 37. I like Enya's music, and I'm proud to get this album as her first album into my collection.

五月天 "知足"
Sis ask me get this artist's album, so I get this for her. Another good bargain, this one comes with 2 audio CD + 1 live performance DVD. Cost less than RM 40.

The Essential Maksim DVD
Haha! Finally bought this album listed in my "Most Wanted" collection. Err.... cost around RM 50, but it comes with the "Variations" CD and the DVD. I got Variations alrdy, so I might give it to a friend?

星座水晶情 Horoscope Crystal Love
Cost about RM 30. This relaxing album comes with 2 CDs, features songs for each horoscope. The song represents Pieces are Titanic theme and Somewhere In Time(a song Maksim played in his album).

汽车广告金曲 Golden Car Ad Music
Quite weird why I get this album? The reason is because it's very cheap!! Only RM 10 like that! The song in this album are qutie nice too.

I get this album for about RM 30 at Hualien. The artist himself are performing, so I decide to get one. He claims to be the first Taiwanese aboriginal that becomes world-class er-hu(二胡) performer. Quite nice, but u know er-hu usually plays sad music....

迷幻天堂 Fantasia In Heaven
A New-Age type album I get when the album is having discount. Also about RM 10, comes with 2 CDs. Right now I play this album when I'm sleeping, it's so enjoying and relaxing.....

圣诞奇幻夜 Amazing Christmas Party
I bougth this Xmas CD at a Science Center in Tanchung. I like the song so I bought this album. Cost about RM 13, another good bargain.

If I've enough money, I'm definitely will get more CDs!! XD

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