21 November 2005

What happen to me in this holiday.

It's about 1 month alrdy, since I had my school holiday. After that, I'm almost 'lost contact' with my classmates. But luckily, MSN Messenger keeps me in touch with friends. I've tried to be more 'chative' than before, as I'm willing to start chat with others instead of waiting others msg me.

Other than that, I've been more active in Friendster. I'm hooked to search for schoolmates, especially SYTs. :P

During evenings, I play football with friends, though not all the time. It's good to exercise abit, and to test my boots.

Well, the emotional event took part last week is still overshadows me, though it's hard for me to accept that my aunt leaves us just like that. I understand that's a relief for her, but when I think it nicely, why she couldnt enjoy life more and passed away without any sufferings? Sigh....
P/S: I've to admit, I gets a little emotional when managing photos of the funeral procession. What I see in the photos, is no longer exist, and that makes me very sad. :(

But anyway, I've been trying to overcome that. I understand everyone has to go when the time has come, no one can stop it or espace from it.

I had a Geography assignment right now, though it's still under planning. The research might take few days, and I also need to sort out datas and then present it.

After that, I'll be going to Taiwan from 6th Dec untill 27th Dec. Kinda long huh? I scare I cant get use to the situation so fast. School starts at 3rd Jan....

Tomorrow will have a gathering held by Students Union, it's good to meet with friends again, after all being with friends I'll feel better than staying at home all the time. ;)

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