22 October 2005

Football Match

To be honest, this is actually my first ever football competition, although it's shorten to 20 mins for each half.

Being the Blue team's captain is quite fun, can command and shout at others like what the captains did during official match. Well, I'm not as bad as that, just as a supervisor to check settle everything.

My team plays only 2 match, consider lucky. We played the first and the last match for the whole competition. It was a lucky draw.

First match, we played Yellow team. I'm looking foward to play this match 'coz for the first time I play againts my buddies. They've good players, but too bad we beat them 4-1. :P
Our team uses defense as our attack (以守为攻), so we can counter their attack and strikes back. Heh, there's a "God" in my team, his striking are deadly for the opponents. XD

After our match, 2nd match is between Red VS Purple. Purple won by a silly mistakes by Red team's player. It was extra time, and it's almost the final minutes before the ref blow the wistle. That Red guy, grab the ball infront of the goal with hands, so he get his 'Red' and goes off the field. It was a penalty kick, and Purple team won the match by that penalty. It's ironic, Red team player sees red in the match.

Well then, we captains of Blue & Purple draws who'll face Green team, the lucky basturds. I let Purple draw first, so I've no choice. Haha, lucky me, Purple draw they'll meet with Green on the next match. So, Blue team is qualified for the FINAL just after playing 1 match!! XD

Purple win Green by 3-1, then later Green plays Red and Green won by penalties with the result of 7-6.

The Finale, Blue vs Purple. It was a match I tried to avoid 'coz Purple team has stronger players compare to other teams. But anyhow, we still need to play with them to be the champion.

To my suprise, although Purple are tough, but we finish them off easier than we did to Yellow team. We trashed them 6-1!!!
Purple attacked madly, but our defense are able to cope it and send the fowards thrast them easily, as their defense and keeper is not playing well.

I'm still uncertain when we'll get out medals, but I was promised that we'll get it infront of everyone, wah..... stading in the spotlight, the feeling is so damn good!! XD

P/S: Full match commentory available here, at my friend's forum. To drop by and visit if you're interested. ;)

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