02 September 2005

Tun M and Rafidah Aziz's joke of the day

* The text below is taken from today(2nd of Sept)'s TheSun newspaper.

As many knows about the AP issue battling around the government, well the 2 person most notable for this case is Tun Mahathir and Rafidah Aziz.
Rafidah hugged Tun during the National Day parade and Putrajaya, and that scene soon become every local newspaper's headlines on the next day(1st of Sept). Today, both of them had replied with each others' reaction....

Today I decided to blog this 'coz I think Tun M's dialouge is interesting and funny.

Tun M
Reporters: Did Rafidah apologize?
Tun M: No! No! No! She did not apologize! She hugged me. Everybody saw she hugged me, nothing happend.

Rep: Did she say sorry?
Tun: No.

Rep: Why did she cry?
Tun: How do I know? You must ask her!

Rep: What did you say to her?
Tun: I didnt say much to her.

Rep: But Rafidah said you had told her "it is ok".
Tun: When people cry, you say it's ok, it's ok lah!

Rep: What was the pat on Rafidah's shoulder about?
Tun: It was just part of the ok.

Rep: Do you have any hard feelings towards her?
Tun: I have no hard feelings for anybody, not even for you(reporters).

Rep: After she hugged you, how did you feel?
Tun: After she hugged me, no more feeling lah!

Rep: Do you feel better now?
Tun: I dont know... it's not a cure. I'm having a cold now!!

LOL.... that old man is stil humourosque after he'd left his office.... salute him!! Well I'm kinda suprise the way he replied in "Ah-Bengish" style...

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  1. Macam ini, macam mana Malaysia nak maju? LOL! Hahaha.. this is so funny man!