20 September 2005

Examination season

I'm having this year's final exam right now. Dated from 19 ~ 28 Sept, 9 days. :S

I dunno why I dont felt like studying anything.... keep on going ease.... stil online and play as usual. :S
I know this is a bad thing, but I stil manage to do quite well in exam I think....

Ystrdy had 2 essay papers, Chinese and BM. Doesnt have any prob writting both, smooth as silk~~ :)

Today I'd Eng essay paper(my best among 3 language). Had too much ideas, just hope teacher wont take it badly for my grammer errors. (^__^")
Modern Math paper, hmm.... I'm certain that I've lost 10 marks out of 80, 'coz I dunno how to solve the trigonometry and angle stuff. :(
The rest questions hopefully doesnt have any prob. Hopefully I stil can get A2 for this paper. :)

Tomorrow I'm having History and AddMath paper. Both are killers, had to study hard. But ironically, I'm stil sitting infront of com chatting and playing... as usual. :P

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