28 September 2005

The exam is over, now what?

Today finished the last paper, Chem paper. Seriously, I dont have any feeling about it, just like last week's Moral paper. I'm numb with it.
I didnt revise some questions on the paper, makes me a little difficult to answer it, but luckily I paid enough attention during tuition, so I manage to recall back abit of the Chem stuff. :)

First thing I ask myself, what should I do next? I've actually planned what should I do on this weekend, but darn!! I need to go back to school this Sat to continue study!! WTF!!!
Right now, I've planned goto KLCC this Friday to get Maksim's "A New World" with a friend. Going alone is ok, but it'll be better be companied by a friend. ;)

I'm stil struggling what should I do in school? Although teachers will continue to teach, but then I guess not many of us will really concentrate in class, including myself. I need to think what should I really do.... currently I dont want to disturb Carmen as she's having her PMR very soon, so... I can say I've nothing to do at all!!

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