06 August 2005

Warming Up The Fire

Friday's always a day I enjoy the most. I can do things I want after school, and I enjoy the time I spent with my friends.

There's nothing much happend during Moral lesson, just poor Keat Xiung became the joke victim of Mdm Tan, who curse him alot funnily.

Chem lesson, we're thought to prepare Natrium(Sodium) Hydroxide, NaOH according to it's molarity. It was fun though. :D

After recess we have Santhi's "demonic" Eng lesson. She gave us few paper excercises to do, and then discuss it. Nothing so big deal bout it. But still our class's somehow scare of her.

Ms Nee's Phyz lesson.... I didnt went out to classroom as what I usually did. What I do is sitting and my place, reading Roald Dahls "Charlie and The Great Glass Escalator". I finish reading the book, so I proceeded to continue on another book, "George and his Marvellous Medicine".
While I was reading half-way thru, EweGin the monitor of 4S1 came in and ask me goto his class, that was Chandran's order. I guess what Chandran's up to, so I took the history notes I prepared earlier just in case he asked anything about that.
My guess was correct, but it's beyond my imagination.... Chandran asked me to explain the text to S1. I'm suprise yet felt a little proud of it.
I explained the Europe's Dark Age and Renaissance Age to the class, as what I did on Tuesday.
I left immediately once I finish my explianation.

Bell rang soon after that. I rushed to PP room to wait for Carmen, 'coz I'm borrowing her Geo textbook to search for some info. Too bad today she's having Buddhist Club's activity, I cant accompany her in library as what I though earlier. :(
I played football in the activity centre with few friends. But too bad the enjoyment couldnt last long, as I was "forced" to quit 'coz my pants was "torn". I had my lunch , and because of the bad weather condition, I decided to went home earlier .Sigh.... my plan was called off. :(

But anyhow, I'm still pleased that we could chat nicely thru MSN. I enjoy the time chattin' with her online, and what knows what's going to happen next? :P

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