25 August 2005


Well, holiday, spending 90% of my day sitting infront of com. Play game, surf net, chat, etc. I've neglected important assignment, such as homework and "Qiao" buletine. Luckily I've done with SRM, so I can rest abit. :)

Last Friday, 19th Aug
  • A boring day in school.
  • Played ping pong and basketball, no football.
  • Wasted 1 hour in cc playing crappy game.

    Last Saturday, 20th Aug
  • Cant remember what I've been doing that day, or went to anywhere. (-____-")

    Last Sunday, 21st Aug
  • Having buffet lunch at Pan Pacific with father's friend.
  • Shopping at The Mall, bought a belt(RM 30) and a book(RM 50) = RM 80.

    Monday, 22nd Aug
  • Went to tuition as usual.
  • After tuition, rush to KLCC to watch "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" with sis. Great movie. :)

    Tuesday, 23rd Aug
  • Spent most of the time sitting infront of com playing. That's all. Pathetic life isnt it?
  • Asked Joseph for a football game, but too bad the weather doesnt allow us to play.
  • Planned to goto KokYi's house to meet a long-lost-friend Gerard, but they went to cc and I cant go out 'coz it's too late.

    That's for the past few days, I'll continue today's blog in usual style(the dull version).

    Woke up 'round 10am. Elder sis later bought my lunch, Ayamas chicken rice. Yummy!! Long time didnt eat alrdy!! The chicken stil taste the same as what my parents used to bought for me when I was a small kid. :D

    After lunch, I continue my Qiao buletine work. Too bad, only finished abit and then I've to prepare myself to goto Aquaria KLCC. Going with my sis, meet with father's friend who're inviting us to go with them together.

    Firstly I thought it'll be a long way to walk from KLCC to the Aquaria, but there's a pedestrian walkway, straight to the Aquaria. Not bad I think. ;)

    The entry fee was RM 20. According to the staff, that's special rate as it's Merdeka special rate(national day's coming soon!!).
    I started to take pics just after I went in. Meh.... too bad my cam's cheap, quality not so good, those pics I've taken are very bad too. :(

    The aquarium is small, dont have much promising creatures to make ppl excited, only the sharks swimming with a bunch of remora fish underneath it's stomach...
    I finish the aquarium tour less than 1 hour.....

    After that, we'd our dinner at a japanese restraunt nearby. My dinner is chicken teriyaki + salmon sashimi set. Not bad, but the salmon doesnt have much taste, or just I dipped in too much wasabi?

    We'd a walk later at KLCC park, and then we went back to our house by LRT.

    Later at night, planning to continue doing my Qiao buletine editorial, but chatting with lots of ppl 'til I forgot the time and I'm too tired to continue doing it. (~___~)
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