02 August 2005

Delighted in School

Haha.... ystrdy night was chatting with my SYT junior Carmen thru MSN eventhough it's late night alrdy. :P
I slept around 1am.

Was tired when I woke up. Stil feeling sleepy 'coz only 5 hours of sleep. :(

This morning noticed something unusual in school. Afternoon session admin's car was parked at Mdm Quah's usual parking lot. Notice some teachers wear quite formal today, sense that something big might happen on today's assembly.

Hmm.... tennis club's prize giving ceremony consumed 50% of today's assmebly time. Lots of prizes, and their "lucky draw" idea was something new in school. The champion are honoured to hit the ball to the students, anyone gets the ball can win a prize. But then their prize was actually a pack of biscuit.... (~___~")

Damn it.... today we're less 1 period of computer class. Arghh..... but anyway, today was lucky 'coz able to online in the com lab. :D
Classmates are happy, so am I. I decide to take this chance to promote my class' blog to other classmates. It was fun!! They looked enjoy with the photos and votes, I & Toh Wai are happy, since we're the one who started the blog. :D

During Bio lesson, Preammah gave us back our Bio paper and also briefing us bout Thursday's frog disect experiment. I got 14/20 for my Bio.... improved 1 mark since March's paper. :S
The frog disection experiment sounds fun, and I decided to take my cam to school to snap pics of the disection experiment. :D

After recess, head to PP room to take a look what's going on around. Hmm.... that SYT junior was there too, though we didnt talk 'coz there's others in the room. Waited until the bell rang, and we walk out together. Manage to had few words with her. Feeling good. :D

AddMath teacher Ms Phoon gave us back our Add Math paper. I was so happy!! Get full marks 20/20 for my Add Math!! WOOHOO!!! I cant control myself not to laugh like mad man. I just cant wipe out the laugh of success shown my face. :D

Chandran's history lesson. He's not giving back our exam paper. He's teaching us text, and ask us to prepare for tomorrow's presentation. I volunteered myself to help my friend Haw Jiun to prepare some notes to be presented tomorrow. The title is about Dark Age in Europe and Renaissance. I'm interested with this topic 'coz I've been playing Age of Empires series long long ago~~

Chinese lesson, Ms Lim wasnt giving us back our paper too. She ask us do excercise, and then used 1 lesson to talk about chinese education stuff in M'sia and China. Yawn~~ not interested, spent that time writing the history notes.

Mdm Tan's moral lesson...... she's giving back our paper. I was nervous.... scare I'll fail this time. But then, things arent that bad as what I imagine. I get 13/20.... passed. :D
Teacher gave comment on my paper. She said, I must remember that the value is "alam sekitar", not "alam sekeliling". I lost few points because of this. :(

No EST today, as Santhi was absent. Today PP having a quick meeting about tomorrow's duty. Still uncertain what is it, but they just tell us need to gather somewhere tomorrow morning.
After having lunch, I catch up with Hui Fong to take the sample of the latest "Qiao" to our teacher advisor, Mdm Chen. She's nowhere to be found. She's not in the office, nor sitting with other teachers for the assembly.
Couldnt find the teacher, so we decided to pass up the samples tomorrow. I walk to tuition later, along with Haw Jiun.

I couldnt pay much attention in Sundram's Bio class.... I slept for awhile. Later continue copy notes.
Fakaruddin was having soar throat today. The class tried to contrl our noise today, but still couldnt control ourselves b'coz of Sun Hua and Aina. Those 2 are making the mess around, disstract us to concentrate on Fakaruddin's teaching.
I was playing RM 5 note with my friend, I ask him try to tear the note to test how durable the note is. In the end, I got my RM 5 note tear off. Everyone laugh.... I'd to borrow salephone-tape from the office to "fix" back the note. :S

After tuition, had Neslo Ice and Maggi goreng as my meal. Heh. :D

I believe tomorrow'll be another great day, hopefully I can get closer and closer to that SYT junior!! (>___<)


  1. Good. Good work CLF. Look like u have improved. From this exam improvement, I believe by nex year u r going to score FullMarks. Moral aso pass ald..so no worry la..

  2. Haha.... thanks for the words. :D
    I'll do my best from now on!!