01 September 2005

48th Years After Merdeka....

Doesnt seem Malaysians improving after that, esp during modern age(90s ~ currently). Heard lots of comments bout Malaysians' going backward instead of moving foward. Sigh.... lots of sensitive & racial issue brought up, which I dont wanna talk about it 'coz I dont have cause any prob to myself.

Well, ystrdy at school's MERDEKA celebration was totally bullshit. The ceremony suppose to get on at 11.30am, but somehow it delayed 'til 12.15pm. I dunno why on Earth teachers blamed students for the delay, as teachers is the last group of ppl to besited in the activity centre. According to someone, the celebration suppose to have some students presentation going on, but the delay forced the presentation to be cancelled. Sigh... wasted.

4 person's speech(headmaster, from Agung's, from Pak Lah's, & monister of edu's) ate up 90% of the ceremony. The only show we could enjoy is songs played by school band.
I do bring my cam to school to snap few pics, but I've totally no mood 'coz really nothing so special bout this year's celebration.

Well, we're off to home after the ceremony. Stil have some time before I leave to school, check out what S1 classmates are up to this time. They're presenting a drama for the afternoon sesison celebration, heard it's success. Good for them.

Afternoon I slept for 3 hours 'coz morning I wake up at 5am coz too hot. (~__~)
Later wake up get ready as I'm going out for dinner. Well, me, sis and mom took LRT to the last station to meet with my father and then had dinner at a seafood restraunt. Buffet steamboat, sounds nice but I dont enjoy much eating, dunno why lost of appetite. :(

I slept quite late, and ended up the last person to wake up this morning, at 10.30am. :(
B'coz rushing my homeworks, so I didnt join my family visit a relative somewhere. I enjoy being alone at home doing my own stuff, world of my own!!

Evening went to a neabry "bak kut teh" restraunt to eat dinner. Mmmm.... it's very nice!! :D
Head to Jusco to shop awhile. Asked permission from parents to buy a CD, but too bad was rejected, saying it's too expensive(RM 48 like that). Oh well, I seldom buy any CDs with their money, too bad they turn down my request. :(
I hope I've no prob to get Maksim's latest album, "A New World" some other time, probably after my exam in the end of Sept....

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