08 July 2005

Turning Point

What a day.... lots of free periods today. Met with SRM teacher-in-charge Pn Chek. She ask me fix printer catridge stuff and also ask me to find some suitable graphic to design as devider. Now things are easier for us to do 'coz now we're working based on a theme teacher had set for us. :)

Later helped Karen them type name list for students who're attending Sat's leadership camp. I notice I was selected in a group of ppl I'm not so happy to be with. But still gonna accept it. (>___<)

Phyz lesson I skipped, stayed inside SRM room typing the name list. Bio lesson head to lab do our 2nd PEKA.

Today's Bio PEKA was easier than ystrdy's Chem experiment. This time I was happy 'coz everyone's helping each other, the experiment went pretty well. Gee... I love the smell of burning beans. :P

After lunch, Karen asked me help her design something, since I was short of time, so Yong Fei will be helping her finish the design. I know Yong Fei are willing to do so. :)
Sun Hua asked me to start do planning for the Aug edition Qiao. I wasnt very happy the way he asked, so I ignore him by step aside.

Tuition.... oh well. Today slept in Add Math & Chem class awhile. Missed not much things, going quite well.

Later having usual meal at the mamak store. Today was crowded, so our orders came a little bit late. I ordered Nescafe ice + roti sardin. Taste nice. We joke and talk together, lots of laughter. :D

Evening, HAM msg me. He ask what's my prob, and he wants me tell everything out to him. I trusted him, and I tell him everything from Qiao to friendship issue. He's a good listener, at least I can release some of my stress there. Really owe him so much. :
He asked me look foward for the planning of nxt issue. I dunno but for some reason, this might be a turning point for myself. Am not sure where it's leading me to, but I dont think this is something bad. :\


  1. well, since u say its going to be ur turning point, i hope its going to turn to a better and higher level.

    Now, after u talk out to HAM, i think u r fine now. No more stress and :/ OK??

  2. Hmm.... I dunno. Wheter it helps or not, I dont mind that so much right now.