30 July 2005

Back to Normal

* Ystrdy I was so tired an busy, so I couldnt blog. Today will repost.

I'm stressless after the exam. Though lots of things' getting better, but I'm kinda nervous bout my paper results, esp for few subjects like Phyz, Moral. :
When Mdm Tan came in, I'm nervous bout my moral paper's result. Mdm Tan said, some of us failed, but she didnt say who, and she isnt winking at me. Hopefully I passed Moral paper this time. (>___<)
Half-way thru the class, Kian Meng came to my class to get me to his class. PP advisor teacher Ms Hiew wanted to ask something about "Qiao". Few moments of questioning, finally I get back to my class. It took me 1 period to get back to class. Mdm Tan doesnt look happy I went out of the class so long time. Oh well. :
Chem lesson followed up next. As usual walk to the chem lab, but the door is shut. I and Joshua checked the office, and then confirm Pn Nr Hayati is absent. Arghh.... had to run from office to chem lab to ask classmates get back to class.
Lucky for me, 'coz I havent finish my chem report, which I'd to pass up today. Spent the rest of the time in class doing some other works.

After recess, Santhi shows up in class. Announced next Monday we dont have EST class. Everyone happy. :)
She gave back our Eng paper. She told me my marks are quite "dissapointing". I'm suprised, but then only know that I get 18/20. 18/20 is dissapointing? Well I dont think so. It's quite good I think. :)After we discuss the paper, Santhi let us do our own works.
Bad'o bad, Ming Hong was caught by Santhi for playing h'phone. That h'phone actually is Xiung's, and Santhi confisticated it. Those two guys doesnt seem to be panic or what, they consult class teacher Ms Lim about the case. They wrote a "fake" letter that Ms Lim was responsible to help them keep the phone. Because of this "fake" letter, they manage to get back the h'phone without any disciplinary action taken.

Last 2 lesson is Ms Nee's Phyz class. She said she havent mark our paper yet, so basically we've nothing to do today. She had a quiz for our class. I'm not interested with it, so I decide to read something else to cure boredom in class.

After school, having meeting in PP bout tomorrow's farewell party. Was a dull meeting, as Wai Ing didnt brief much about my job(audio supervisor). Firstly I mind I'm shifted to deal with audio stuff, but then I heard I've given to chance to play any music I want, so heck I took the job happily. Heh, I can sort of becoming a DJ playing my fav music, as well as sneak out to take some pics from another angle. :D

After the meetnig, I head to ping pong room to had a game with my classmate 'til 2pm.
Later head to the field to play football with juniors again. Though the time's quite late, but I've manage to score 1 goal by a quick penalty, which drives beneath the keeper's leg. :D

Later rest in PP room awhile, and then had lunch with Mun Hoe. Took bus home and the time is about 3.30pm, quite late alrdy. :S


Book review

Title: My Story (chinese version)
Author: Tan Sri Lim Goh Thong(aka Uncle Lim), founder of Genting Highlands, currently retired.

Father get this book last night, and I've finish the book in just 2 days time. The book is not very thick, so manage to finish the whole book so fast.

Most of us knows that Uncle Lim's the founder of Genting Highlands. He's originally from China, province of FuJian(福建). He's a typical chinese businessman, and I must say that he's a very lucky person. Though he faced lots of troubles and challenges during his development of Genting, but he's able to cover all the probs easily and swiftly, no sweat!!
Anyhow, there's no doubt that he'd contributed alot to Malaysia's tourism & economy, we Malaysian should be proud of this achivement. :D

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