16 June 2005

One step foward

Day started foolishly by my BM teacher Ahmad Sukri. Gave lame reasons dont want to return our paper yet. Says still need to re-read the papers one more time, came in awhile then left without any notice. Got 2 periods of free time.... :S

During recess, discussed with some friends from PP about the tabloid I'm working on. They're arguing wheter want to put color page or not. I personally prefer black and white, 'coz printing color materials cost more money.
I discuss with them untill I almost forgotten to return to class.

Ms Nee is givng back Phyz paper. I've scored less than half out of 80 marks, yet I still able to pass the paper. Lucky? Not really.... though I wish I wont fail, but the result came out is eye-soar for me. Both Add Math and Phyz is my worst subjects for now.
I'm quite confident that my BM paper and Eng paper will do better. Dunno how come by now my language paper scored better than those Science subjects....

Later after school, PP had a quick briefing about the upcoming annual meeting, which will be held next Friday. Nothing special happend.
After the meeting, I walk to the mamak I use to hang out. Friends are inside there alrdy, eat and chat with them awhile, then walk to tuition together.

Add Math & Chem tuition was plain.... nothing much happend, too.
Plain day.... tomorrow dunno is there something fresh or exciting or not. Hmm....

I bet after next Friday, I'll be getting bzy with many things. Parents are going to have tour in Europe for 2 weeks, left me 1 day alone at home before my elder sis could return back to KL.

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  1. wah..2paper down ald, but not really down aso ma..u say its still pass. So u shud :> coz no red color..hehe

    alone at home?! bcareful oh..as those old ppl like to say
    "Dun play fire, water, electricity, GAL(this i add myself) aso.Be a good boy"..c wheter u'll get this advice anot?!