11 May 2005

Who Cares?

recently I felt I'm out of track from my friends. Right now I'm only closer to afew ppl in school. I know many ppl out there, but I seldom talk to them. I might just simply greet them with a smile or just to say "Hi".

I'm not an attractive individual, 'coz I'm not talkative, I'm less-sociable. I wont talk to others if I dont have anything to talk about.
I'm not good looking if compare to the others in my school.
I sometimes says something weird, and acts stupidly.

  • Games - Many out there are better than me, 'coz I'm not playing any games.

  • Relationship - Currently working up, but many friends are enjoying with their partner right now.

  • Sports - I'm only an average athelete. My stamina is low, and I dont like represents school(even I play well).

  • Results - I felt humble when listen to the pros talk about the exam. Eventhough those are my closer friends, but I felt we all have some distance between each other.


    BUT.... I do have something myself which is better than the others.

    When it comes to computer and Internet stuff, I'm proudly to say that I'm one of those out there(F4) that knows more than any others(except Yong Fei, Shyan Jian & Chin Wei).
    I'm not good in hardward and graphic design, but I'm good in other matters. 4 of us work together will be a great masterpiece, 'coz we could help each others to cover up our disadvantages.

    Football, my school's team sucked big time. I'll be their ACE player if I represents the school. The team somehow enjoys boasting around and make noob trick on the field. They like to show off their skills but gain nothing during game, and blame it on other players. Sigh... our school just sucked....
    Some teachers asked me to join football club, but I turn down 'coz I play it as hobby, I dont plan to do further training.
    And, many of the football skills I had today I learnt myself. Usually learn moves from watching pro player's video, and game(FIFA series).

    I hate those who look down others(including myself). I hate those who shows off infront of the others. Somehow they think they're superior. Well luckily I met not many of them have such attitude.
    Those kind of sick bastards had to learn how to respect the others, and will regret if look down the others. I'd similiar experience alrdy, for looking down others.

    Now I find Islam's history are something interesting to study, good for me, at least I wont felt bored study Islam. Kinda interesting to know those places, and somehow Islam are related to Christianity and Jewism. Interesting!! :D

    Grieg's Concerto in A Minor - Maksim.

    1. you already very good liao lar...at least better than me 100% lar..
      you have many thing better than other..i have 0% better than other..
      you leng zai than me .. :(

      Islam good mar..that nabi so nice..he say halo to me tim^^( in dream )..

      good luck for you exam!

    2. Heh, mind you, Prophet is asking you to join Islam with his special method, just like what we studied in the text book. :P