01 May 2005

Visits relative in Subang Jaya

I wasnt really happy about it when my mother inform me suddently after recieving phone call from my 2nd uncle. This time I dare not to oppose my mother, so I'd to go to Subang Jaya with my 2nd unc's car.
My mind changed when they say they're serving pizza over there.

After 45 mins drive from my house, I finally reach my 3rd unc's house.
I help my 3rd unc with his com, which is seriously slowdown by spywares/worms. I just dwnld Spybot S&D and run the scanning, follow up by dwnlding Firefox as their browser.
I know Spybot S&D itself is not enough to deal with spywares but what heck, at least it's better than no protection after all.

I spent some of my time playing RISK with my cousins. It's been awhile since I touch this game, the last time I play it I remember when I was in primary school.

I stuffed myself with at least 5 pizzas, and more than 7 home-made sushis. Kekekeke... delicious!! :D

I played badminton and football later with my cousins, at the backyard of my unc's house.
As usual, after some game I usually sweat alot. Those who knows me quite well knows that I'll look like bathing after I'd a game. :P

Truth - Two Mix.

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