15 May 2005

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith PREMIERE

My father handed this to me when he reached home today.
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Of course I'm happy and suprice by getting this, 2 PREMIERE invitations.
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17th May, 8.45pm... Mid Valley.
It's almost impossible for me to go for this PREMIERE....

  • I'd my "deadliest" exam on the next day, AddMath....
  • It's too late, I bet the show ends somewhere around 11pm++. When I reach home probably will be after 12.30am alrdy. Next day still got school to attend. :(
  • Transportation. As I mentioned, the show will last 'til late night. So transportation might be hard, unless someone can fetch me.

    I planned to go with my father. But.... even he ask me to go now, also no mood. Exam ruined everything. :(
    Nvrmnd lar... I rather go watch in KLCC with my friends who got good eyesight(眼光). If ask girl out for this movie, they usually wont like it unless they're Sci-Fi fan.

    Asking how do I settle the ticket? Well I've asked Squall about it. He wants it, so I give him.... without any price.

    That settles the ticket, and I'm not regret giving the tickets to him.

    1. ah... sorry to say.. what a waste ;) all the best to your exam anyway!

    2. dude...are you kidding?
      there are exams 4 times a year!
      These kinda chance comes once in a lifetime...

    3. geez dude. you're giving up a SW premiere ticket for a lousy Add Maths exam? Live a little, man! :)

    4. Kiawin:
      Waste? Well I dont think so. PERMIERE is a once in a lifetime experience, but there's something more important for me to do, so I rather sacrifice the PREMIERE to complete the more important task.

      Sure, I'm having 2 monthly test and 2 semester test each year. But I dont wanna miss any of them. :P

      Add Math is my worst nightmare of all. Of course I wont take it easily. I dont want to fail it. :(

      Anyway thanks for you all's comments.

    5. wow..u got SW Priemier tickets. but u have to 'sacrifice' it bcoz of add maths..

      its a wasted..but since u mentioned so many prob 4u attending this show, its OK la..

      wat a wasted for me bcoz i dun know u..if i know u, how nice would it be..(realistic guy hor??!!)hehe