01 May 2005


After today's lunch, I went to Carrefour with my parents to stock up some goods for the rest of the month.

Im planning to get rid of my old slippers, 'coz it's torn, and also pick up a new school shoe(my mother insist me to spare a pair just in case.).

While I was walking half-way, my old slippers finally "died", the stripe is torn, and I'm walking with one leg "shoeless". Although it's just afew metres away from the nearest shoe shop, but I'm having trouble walk there. I'm a little embaress...... and my parents just laugh... :(

I manage to pick up a new slippers right there, as well as my school shoe. I bit "farewell" to my old slippers by throw it into a trashcan nearby. Mwahahahaha!!!

There's alot of ppl shopping inside, because today is holiday, and it's end of the month.... oops is the beginning of the month(I'm confused with Apr and May nowdays.).

I and my father browsed electrionic stuff and CDs, while my mother browsing for other items.

In the end we shopped around RM 200+..... well this is nothing if compare to the customer infront of us when we're Q'ing to pay. That customer's goods worth RM600(OMFG!!) in total. (O__O)

Cool Piano Music - Jim Brickman.

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