02 May 2005

Review: Detective Conan - Crossroad in the Ancient Capital

* I apologize for this late review although I've finish this few days ago.

This, I must say is the best movie of Detective Conan. I was so "high" when watching this movie. Good storyline, good animation, and another masterpiece from Gosho Aoyama. :D

This is the climax of the movie, when Conan himself turned back to Shinichi, after tested Ai Haibara's new solution.

This movie let me imagines how beautiful Kyoto is, the sakura.... the culture.... and the scenery over there.

And not to mention, it's ending theme "Time After Time" by Mai Kuraki is my current fav song. (^___^)
I think this song is very special, 'coz the ending cinematic works perfect with the song!! :D

"Time After Time" - Mai Kuraki.

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