04 May 2005


Well today is a busy day, well I'm busy waiting, while Photograph Club's members are really busy with their duties.
Today we'd society/club photo-taking session. I'm having 3 club/society to take pic, which is PP/Students Union, Sidang Redaksi Majalah and Class Monitors' Group.

I'm almost stayed outside from my classroom for 3/4 of the time in school today.
At the beginning, everything seems to be fine. The clubs/societies were called according to the list. But the main reason of the delay is b'coz of the "VIPs" of our school, the headmaster and his deputies. I dont understand.... why cant they just wait at the spot instead of returning back to their office which is located quite some distance away from the photo-taking spot. That make us students need to rush to their office and call them, and the time is drag along 'coz of that.
All 3 clubs/societies I'm taking photo were delayed awhile. PP's photo-taking session didnt been delay that long. But.... I notice we left out afew persons when taking the PP photo. Others doesnt notice it, but I notice one missing girl. Oh well, that's too bad to left out 1 person from the photo. :(
After that, I'm having more trouble in the other 2 societies...

Me and JoShua was busy arranging and calling teachers for the next 2 societies, 'coz both of us are in charge of both societies. We're suppose to take photo for the Class Monitors' Group and then SRM, but the Photography Club members delayed the photo-taking session due recess. I've been switching from my PP "rice-white"(米白色)tie and monitor's bloody-red tie. I dont know which society will take photo first, so I keep on switching my tie when I heard we're getting ready to take photo.
(* PP's tie is for SRM photo; monitor's tie is for Class Monitors' Group photo)

After recess, SRM members have been waiting for our turn to take photo. I'm switching my ties once again, 'coz I saw both SRM and Class Monitors' Group have been waiting for their turn to take photo.
In the end SRM's photo was taken first, then followed by Monitors' Group photo.

I'll scan the photos up here once I get it, but I'm afraid that'll be after holiday, after June.

Today's Geo class was canceled..... Members ask Ms Lee to cancel the class 'coz exam is coming soon. It's a good news and bad news for me. Good news is, I'll have more time working on SRM's work. Bad news is, darn! I need to carry back 4 extra Geo books for no reason again!!

Karen inform me about the arrival of new printer and floopy disk drive. I can only setup the printer, 'coz I dunno how to fix the floopy-disk.
The new printer is a cool model, Canon's PIXMA iP1000. I've test print, both black and color print works well. :)

Arghh.... next week is exam..... DUH!!!!!!!!

Andromeda - O2 Jam.

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