03 May 2005

Frigg'n 'ell

Darn!! Morthy "cheated" me again!! I thought this week we're not having PJK period, 'coz we'd it last week and this week is S4's turn. Darn it! After recess Morthy came into the class and ask us change. I didnt bring my sports attire today, but I'm wearing a t-shirt.

I'm obviously againts the school rules by attending PJK lesson without full sports attire. Afew teachers noticed but they didnt bother about my appearence. Pn Soong, Pn Karti, and En Sulhan didnt bother me eventhough I'm playing infront of them. Heh, I'd a great time playing football with my friend Ming Hong, well he's also playing with half-attire(t-shirt only). :)

Later I had Geo club's photo-taking session. We waited for a momment, but Ms Lee grumbles and complain to the photogragy club. She's complains they're asking her to wait under the sun, while she's suppose teaching at the that time. That "Old Virgin"(called by Yan Kher) wasnt in her good mood today.... :S

Some noticed Huey Jiun is weird today. She tied her hair up(which she rarely do this since last year), and she had a new braclet on her left hand. Many is asking her what's going on, but she kept silent.
Fei Wen, Huey Jiun's best friend "spread" the rumours about Huey Jiun and Sun Hua. She says that braclet is given by Sun Hua.
Here's roughly what Fei Wen'd told us....

Huey Jiun(F) is at Sun Hua(M)'s house discussing chinese debate competition.
They're discussing in M's room.
F felt cold, so she gets on the bed(not her bed) and tuck into the blanket.
M saw that, then join F tuck into the blanket and then..... together do *******(no one knows what are they doing other than themselves.)

Another friend, PK saw that, and then inform Fei Wei about the story.
And about the braclet's orgin, no further gossip yet.

Firstly I cant really believe such things happen.
Sun Hua is famous for being a playboy, and he *cough*touched*cough* & teased lots of girls before, Karen is one of the worse victim(P/S: Kenyi if u're reading this, dont let this happen again!). Once I saw Sun Hua is like "molesting" Karen while in Sun Hua's house. He dare to do such things even his family members are around!!
Sigh... I hope this is just a rumour..... else I fear I'll end up like Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us this....

Matsuri - Kitaro.


  1. D:

    Comrade CLF, some things are best kept under Code Red...

  2. Dude, thx for ur comment but I dont get the meaning of it. :S

  3. Something like 'hush hush'. Unless you used nicknames, of course.