09 May 2005

Exam Day 1

Chinese essay wasnt that hard to me, but I'm pissed when my essay doesnt met the word requirement of the question. I still need 20+ words to exceed the ammount of words teacher want us to write. Oh well. I'm too lazy to rewrite the whole thing, so let it be.

B.Melayu essay wasnt that hard too, 'coz teacher'd leak out afew questions. I've enough point to write in the essay, but too bad I still couldnt exceed to ammount of words again.... dunno why this prob is bugging me essay writting today, the rest was just fine.

I heard afew leaked questions of tomorrow's English essay. I laugh out loudly when I heard those. If those questions are true, then I'll take the essay as writting another blog post lol!!

Now I'd to study harder in Bio. Mr Goh demand us to memorize those definitions of biological process. Arghh..... I'd to restudy what I've done ystrdy.... :(

Sigh... Sej I havent do revision yet. I dont want to see Chandran's "demonic" face when I get low marks for my Sej paper. :(

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