29 April 2005


Many says I look dissapointed, and many says I deserve his place after all. But I ignore those comments. Since the election is over, and I cant change the result, so I wont give further comments or talk about it.
So my friend who're reading this, please stop talk about the election stuff, ok?

Here's the new AJK list....
Persatuan Pelajar's AJK list year 2005/2006

Pengerusi : Liew Mun Hoe
Timbalan P : Chiam Sun Hua
Naib P : Chan Kian Meng

Setiausaha : Pang Hui Yin
Naib S'usaha : Chan Cheah Yin

Bendahari : Tee Hui Fong
Naib B'hari : Lee Jiah Wen

I'm not listed in, so do Toh Wai, Kim Hui and Yong Shiung. I heard I lost to Kian Meng for about 40 votes.... oh well.

I'm glad that we are more coorperative with each others now, we tend to do things altogether, in a big group. With Mun Hoe & Sun Hua's leadership, I think PP can be better than last time. :)

I'd great games after the bell rangs. I played ping-pong with friends, then switch to football. Scored a few goals againts F2 boys, then later have lunch.
After lunch watch the debate competition semi-final. Sun Hua's team are doing well, and they have the standard for school representative. They won eventually.

I walk to Fong's house with her, to help her with her com probs. Going to her house is like walk into a mini-maze, eventhough it's very near to my school. I remember last year I was lost when I walk in there alone, for fun. :P
Her com is 50% cacat, and I suggest her to reformat the com.

I'll have 3 days holiday b'coz of the Labour's Day, 1st May. I planned to finish all my h'works and study, for my sake that exam starts 2 more weeks. :S
After exam I'll have lots of free time again....... kekekeke.... that time can ask friends outing. :D

Time After Time - Kuraki Mai.

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  1. nevermind. I was also played out in my school editorial board.