03 April 2005

Similiar names

I just realised that right now I've afew friends with similiar names.

I got 2 friends named 蔡美琪, I can only "membezakan" both of them by their name(C. MeiGie and C.MayChee). Both are very nice person, I enjoys talk to them. I once confuse when both of them sms me, both also declare themselves as 美琪 only. (-___-")

In my class, there's 2 "Yvonnes". One is a librarian named L.YeeVon, and another one is a girl named Yvonne. Both of them confused when teachers called Yvonne, 'coz they're not sure which Yvonne the teacher's calling.

In PP, there's 2 girls named 惠莹(P. HuiYin and C.WaiIng). I once made an experiment in PP room, where both of them are in the room, I shouted "惠莹". Both of them looks towards me. Kinda funny to make such a fool like this. :P

My class got 1 HuiFen, and the next class also got another HuiFen. Difference is their surname, Ang and Tan.

That's all for today, sorry but I'm lazy to blog on weekendz. (^__^")


  1. My actual name do sounds like a girl. And one of my SYT friend studies in Pudu Girl School told me that her schoolmate has a same name with me.

    Nearly 99% people look at my name has the first thought that i'm actualy a girl.

  2. So what's your actual name then Mango? ;)