10 April 2005

Disable people's performance in Bkt Jalil.

Followed my parents to Bkt Jalil today to watch a performance by China's famous disabled people performance group.

The show started at 3.10pm, and a few VIPs gave their speech. Followed by cheque presentation ceremony due this can be described as charity show. I was suprise when they put Maksim's "Olympic Dreams" as the background music.

First performance was the main attraction of the show, 千手观音, Thousand-hand Goddess(dunno is this translation or not). Was a great performance, this show is being rated as elite in China. Those dancers are deaf btw.

2nd show followed by 2 wonderful piano pieces from a blind man. He plays Chopin's Fantasie Impromtu, and another chinese folk song. I was amazed by his playing of Fantasie Impromtu. I've recorded both audio and video of the piano pieces, it's simply amazing! Someone who cant see anything can play such complicated piece without the scores!

Show followed by some dances, and singings. I'm lazy to list it out.... bleh... but I admit those are fantastic performance.

Show ended around 5.20pm, I decide to stay at home alone tonight and my father thinks the same thing too.
So then he bought me extra rice chicken rice 'coz I request for it. Today I'm so hungry, dunno why. :S

Btw I've break my own record, for finishing my dinner in the fastest time I thinkz.
15 mins to finish off an extra rice chicken rice seems to be an achivement for myself. Usually I took 30 mins to finish off, I eat slowly 'coz I'm enjoying it. :D
Nonsense isnt it? Well I guess so, just wanna put some silly adding here.

You Make Me Wanna - Blue.


  1. Charity shows are good, but watching it is not an interest for me.

    Eating so fast, even breaking the time record of course is amazing. But remember not to make it a habit, you can try to break it once a month but not once a day!

  2. Haha.... I'm very hungry, and I've told u before dude, I can be a barbarian when eating. :P