10 March 2005

WTF'ing examz.....

I had a balanced exam today. 2 easy papers, and 2 HARD papers.

The day starts with Eng paper. I didnt had any prob with it 'coz I did afew questions before. Hopeefully I can get a satisying marks although I dont really understand afew Q's.

Then.... the exam continuez with AddMath. Those questions are really WTF. Nearly all of us are PWN'd by the questions. For me I didnt saw anyone who say he/she can finish all without any probs. :
After the AddMath stress, I had a little while rest. My stomach gets hungry easily during exam....

Chinese is the next test. 1st 2 part I still can complete it.... but I'm doubtful with the answers. The last section.... chinese proverbs thingy.... “名句精华”.... was a deadly trick. Need to memorize the words and the meanings from Remove's 名句 untill F4's. I'm having trouble with this section..... and I just write in what I think is possible to be the answer.

Luckily I dont need to crack my head in EST paper. I was laughing..... didnt think of the question will be so easy. I laugh out loudy(lol) in the end, where almost everyone in the class look at me. Pai seh..... (^__^")

Today alot of ex-F5 students come to school to collect their SPM results. Many of them dyed their hair, and wearing fancy fashion cloths.

I'll like to congratulate a blogger WC for getting 9 As for his result. ;)


  1. your english good mar...sure you can answer it lar...english no good..i hate english!

  2. U sure know how to do Chinese lor....
    I heard many ppl simply write the "Ming Ju".

    Yee Kai told me he write "如来佛掌" in his answer LOL!