20 March 2005

What's happening next week.

Hmm.... it does mean alot to me. Meeting with friends again sure's fun. I wonders what I'll get for my test result. :(

Wednesday I'd my dental appointment morning, so I'll skip my school for half-day. It's better for me to goto school even half-day only 'coz I'm having Geo class on Wed.

Well 'til Friday it'll be a day for me to enjoy myself, being under the spotlight. :D
It's my school's aniversary and we'll having a "price-giving ceremony"(sorry, cant remember that term for the ceremony.) I'll be going on the stage to recieve the price for my PMR result. I'm enjoying to do such things for me to gain some fame... hehe.... :P

Sorry for my mess-up Eng. Didnt have mood to write properly 'coz tomorrow's school again.

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