13 March 2005

Tomorrow.... yeah!!!

Currently here's the list for those who're coming:

Yong Fei
Chin Wei
Shyn Jn
Sun Hua
Jian Shern
Kok Yi
Yee Kai
Jun How
Toh Wai
Kim Hui
Hoong Sam

Wai Ing
Hui Fong
Yee Juan
Mei Gie

I'll update this list once I confirm with some of the girls.

Yi Thong, Karen, Chia May and Pei Yin are coming.
Msg'd Kim Hui to confirm himself, Yee Juan and TW.
Currently searching who got Siu Cheng's h'phone number. I want to confirm with this tough guy ASAP.

Confirmed Yi Thong, Chia May, Pei Yin and Sun Hua coming.
Yong Fei confirmed, and he might come with Yao Hern.
Chin Hao will be joining Karen if I'm not mistaken.
Toh Wai wont be coming 'coz he's having a farewell party with her sis, 'coz her sis is going to NS camp soon.

KY called, he confirmed these following ppl coming.
KY, YeeKai, Tuan Kee, Gerard, Kian Meng, Lee Chee Ming, Hilmi, Shin Cheng.

Update(13 March, 00.26):
CW told me that Ing, Fong, Yan Theng and Mei Gie will be in his car coming to my party.


  1. ....
    why just only have 4 girl go de...no more girl will go?
    so sad..only kimhui will choi me...but maybe he also don't want choi me...
    so maybe ...maybe...i will go home..
    sorry yea..

  2. I'll confirm with Karen and Yi Thong.

  3. ask kim hui ask yee juan comfirm mai the hui chi..if not sure i very sien de...cause
    kimhui--me yee juan--hui chi
    kimhui--yee juan hui chi--me
    and your friend i not very 'shu'

    da xiang don't want go liao?

  4. Hui Chi says she's having transportation prob, so she cant attend the party. :(

    The rest I'm doing well to manage them. :D