16 March 2005

A strange yet interesting dream.....

Ystrdy night I watched my friend Siu Cheng playing piano's video clip. I notice he'd attracted alots of girls to notice him. Lucky dude, many of us are envy with him.

So ystrdy night.... there' alot of things happening here. Cant speak it out. I dreamt of something wonderful.... something that I dont even think about it.

I was with Ing.... walking together happily to attend a wedding ceremony. We're happy b'coz the bride and groom were both our best friends. We walk into the hall, saw both of them smiling happily..... then suddently I'm awake.
Sigh... I hate this.... my sleep always interrupted when it comes to a nice dream. I hardly can remember anymore details in the dream. Oh well, at least the main story is still there. :D

*Best friends of us..... ***** else I'll get fuck'd up. :S

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