04 March 2005

The start of the day = the end of the world.

Ystrdy night when I brushed my teeth, my braces became loosen. It's annoying 'coz the wire is bugging me seriously, and it could cause wound inside my mouth and causes ulser. :(

So this morning I went to the dental clinic to fix it. The staff at there arent really happy with my appearence without any notice for them, but thankfully they help me to fix the annoying braces. :D

So then I went to school quite late. Reached there at 9.30am. I suppose to have class in the Chem Lab. I hate to miss Chem class 'coz it's important.

Not many of my classmates are concern why I'm late, mainly is b'coz I've msg'd 2 of my classmates to inform that I'm late to school today.

I was delighted when I was informed that I'm going on the stage to recieve prize for my PMR result on 25th March, in con-junction with my school's aniverssary celebration. :D

After the class, I used CW's camera to capture something, which I refer as "Picture in picture". I'll show it out here once CW send me those pics. That time I'm nothing really to do and CW borrowed me to play around with his cam.

I'd a great time takling with HAM, Fong and MeiGie before I went back with fellow Police Cadet members friends. Those guys are very easy-going type, but they turned into different person when they're on duty.
I admire them so much. I've been trying to control myself to be just like them, but I'm lack of mental willingness to do so.

Tomorrow I still have Geo class to attend in school. I decided to bring my mp3 player and my digi cam to school. Hopefully I could snap afew nice shots in school. :D

Listening: Mad Moon Sonata - O2 Jam.

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