02 March 2005

Sports Day.

Thx for the sports day event, I dont need to bring any books to school. It was fun though, although I still think it's time-wasting.

We had 60M ran firstly. Luckily F4'ers dont need to wait too long before our chance, and I manage to get the 1st place even with other strong competitors.

After that we had a long recess time. I used that time to sneak into Chinese Society's room to blast songs with my pal Kian Meng. XD

I'd peek into the school band's practise time table during this upcoming holiday. I was abit dissapointed, Ms Lee put them practise from 7.30am - 4pm. I'd lost afew ppl out of my list for the party, esp Ing!!! (>__<)

PeiYin them suggested me to make the party @ Carrefour's Pizza Hut. I somehow agree with that, but I was concern how can I solve the transportation prob of my friends.

Let me continue something about the sports day event. My team had the 2nd activity which is "lead-ball throwing"(sorry dunno how to say it in Eng... -___-). Waited quite some time yet havent turn up my turn. I chat with DJ while he was on duty. At least I'd something to do to kill off my timex. :D

We're having our last activity by tomorrow, and we dont need to bring any books tomorrow 'coz we're having some ELS activities soon after that.

Listening: Croatian Rhapsody - Maksim(Recorded in Korea).

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