17 March 2005

One of the holiday life.

So, I wake up today 9.45am. Wonders what's my day going to be.
Weirdly, I still remember CW's blunder story days ago, continued 'til today.

I open my com and check the net as usual. Planning to goto CW's place today, before I goto tuition.

Finally I end up taking a taxi to CW's place. I reach his house aroud 11.30am. I went there actually for no special reason. Just check up his com and fool around to kill time. :P
We swap songs, pics, videos and softwares. Quite fun. :D

We had a lunch outside around 1.30pm, and we walk to school to check up what's going on in the school. Cadet Police/Bomba is having a camp there, PBSM is training their marching squad, and school band is practising for their competition.
Met with some friends there, stayz there not so long time then I'm off to tuition.

After tuition I went to Sri Rampai to develop photos for school. Walao.... RM 0.55/photo. Needz about RM95 to develop all. :S
Those photos are for school's moral project and my birthday party pics btw.

Listening: Moon Dance - Mehdi.

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