26 March 2005

Lonely night.

Spend nearly half hour finish my Indian rice. Delicious.... but too bad my teeth condition, so I cant really 100% enjoy it.

Want to wash the dishes, but notice the water flow are running slower, and "smaller". Darn... 2nd times water shortage in past few days. Oh well.... gonna leave it there. Maybe I'll settle it when the water supply is back to normal.

Felt bored.... after finishing Chandran's h'work(Sej), started to memorize my oral test article. Darn.... cant really concentrate so well.

Surf the net, check Dr Liew's blog. It's fun to read his blog, read entries from past months.
Surf O2 Jam forum, dwnlded 2 new songs planning to be release in M'sia O2 Jam soon. Here's the link of those 2 songs I dwnlded.

"Andromeda" - Nao.paradigm
"Spring Symphony" - Kevin.O2se

Used Wikipedia find some facts about cartoon world. Endz up dwnlding "Tom and Jerry" cartoon from Kazaa..... :P

Dont have much ppl I can chat with.... sigh....
HAM's taunt are making me raging..... next Monday I wont give this senior a damn fuck.. really dont like his attitude sometimes.... better stop my words here.

Toccata and Fugue - O2 Jam.

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