25 March 2005

Hari Asas 2005.

Early in the morning goes to school at the same time, as usual.
Today was a great day for me, well at least better cases are more than troublesome cases.

Pn Haniza was late, she's in charge of marking the attendance of PMR-prize candidates. She's stupid enough to took all of us gather in a very noisy room, where the chinese lion dance group was performing just beside the classroom.
She blames us for being uncorperate, and that makes me really WTF at the momment. Luckily she couldnt listen to chinese, I curse her badly though. :
After the seating, HAM inform us about our duty for the food section. Asked Haniza's permission to let us leave but then she threaten us for marks deduction if we're late to turn up for the prize-giving ceremony. Yet another WTF situation.....

Mr. Lee BG was arguing with Mdm X(cant remember this teacher's name) for the location of the feast. Oh well.... Mr Lee is still that stubborn, and "WTF" when it comes to dealing with another teacher. Finally Mr Lee let us use the place for setting up jamuan makan.

"Busied" there for awhile, then get me and my friends' butt back into the seat in the prize-giving ceremony.
Saw WC(ChongHwa Lifestyle), notice he's wearing old trouses.... kinda odd. He's taking prize for 9A achivement for his SPM.

Gladly recieve the "prize" from our school's “董事长”, Mr Tan Eng.
Later took a pic for all 7 A's prize takers, and this is the pic:

PMR 2004 - 7A's.

Was suprised that PMR 7A and 8A are getting the same ammount of cash prize, RM 100.
Gonna use this money to get the new Maksim's DVD. :P

Later back to the jamuan there to help. Everyone from PP became part-time waiter/waitress. The place was totally flooded by teachers. So damn hot duty inside there. :(

I sneak out from my duty post to capture the video of Pei Yin and Willie's singing performance. I'm abit dissapointed, they sane chinese version of "The Phantom Of The Opera", not so nice if compare to the original version. Here's a pic I taken...

Pei Yin & Willie

I used my cam to record the last part of the song, when both of them sing in a higher tune.

P/S: I've recorded Pei Yin's "glass-breaking" part. For my friends who're interested with the video can get it either from me or CW. ;)

After that I sneak back into the jamuan place to help them to settle down everything, including finish off leftover food.....

Sneak out again from my duty spot when I heard school band is performing today's last performance. Record down their actions, 'til the end.
School band.

Rest awhile after the ceremony, then walk to CyberTime with CW and fellow friends. I'm planning to go home that time, but I change my mind to step into this famous cyber cafe my friends always go.

CT's first impression to me is.... "Walao..... so many FREAKZ over here!!".
Looks like a well-mantained cc, comfartable and not so noisy(other than ppl shouting or ppl playing without putting on earphone.).
Saw many ppl from our school, all cyber-freaks. They usually plays WacCraft III(DOTA), O2 Jam, GunBound or other online games. Weirdly, no one plays RO there.

Met with KY and the rest of friends, who reached there long ago before I came. I had a few chance play in cc, without paying any single cent, hehe...
KY all of them are craze with DOTA... siaoeh.

A nice day, and it's enjoying though. I must finish off everything that I'd planned ystrdy, and I MUST FINISH ALL OF THEM BY THIS WEEKEND!!!

One last word before this post is done...

Good luck for our school band for tomorrow's competition!!

* I cant go there to support due another brainless decision from the school's admins.... :(

Listening: Vovage a Venise - Richard Clayderman.

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