18 March 2005

A great way to travel along KL.

KL Travel Planner

I came across this very useful tool in Putra LRT's official website. Tried it, very useful indeed, but it's lack of some other major routes in KL.
I cant reach my school(which is located Jln Gombak, and quite near to Jln Genting Klang and Jln Pahang) by using the travel planner. So.... it isnt very reliable in some fact.

Good news is it listed many major locations in Wangsa Maju area(the area I'm living currently). It'll be easy for me or other ppl to refer places by checking the site.

Thumbs up for the great site. d(^__^)

*Note: Bloggers who're living in KL, it's highly recommanded you ppl blog this into ur blog. Very useful indeed. ;)

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