21 March 2005


First of all, here's something I'll like to say before I continue my post...
Since I'm back to school, so mostly I'll talk more about my school life. I might be mentioned afew unfamiliar names.... so just ignore it then. Thanks. ;)

Ok, so here's what happens today........

It's nice to back to school to met with fellow friends again. Of course, we're having assemly like very Monday.
This week our school will be celebrating 86th anniversary, and the actual date of anniversary is actually today. But we'll only have the celebration on this Friday. Haha.... my "pay day". :D

After a series of speeches from our school's asst. teacher Mdn Quah, as you can see... mostly those teachers are talking about how important to celebrate and apprecieate this and that... etc etc.
After she finish her speech, then suddently Ms Lee OP pops out on the stage. She asked a silly quiz, what is so special about today for the Earth? Nobody answered. I know the answer, so I just walk to the stage cooly whilte ignoring the others. I answered the questiong correcly(of course!! If not ppl will boo me away, and I'll like to thx Stranger in MSN for reminding me about Equinox effect ystrdy night.)
Then later Ms Lee picked her fav student Sun Hua to answer the nxt question.
So then.... both of us recieved a "prize" from Mdm Quah. Nothing special, just 2 key chains Ms Lee probably bought when she's in Langkawi. :S

Since today's the first day we back from holiday, teachers are bzy giving back us our papers. Sigh..... I failed my Moral and AddMath. :(
My moral teahcer Mdm Tan critics me for doing the test badly, well IMO I think it's not really is my fault 'coz I just do according to my logical thinking. I doubt the answer is the prob, but then what's done is done, I dont wanna argue with her. (>__<)

Suprisingly, I got the highest mark in EST but I didnt do so well in my Eng paper. EST I got 37/40, while Eng I got 31/40. Weird..... Eng teacher Mdm Santhi says this is something strange.... heh.

Today my photo is a hot item for everyone. Those who attend the party watches those pics funnily, they're enjoying the pics even though I didnt develop all of the photos.
Today I didnt had much chance to talk to Ing and the rest of girls.... mainly is I've no time to talk and they're not in PP(Persatuan Pelajar/Students Union) room today. Oh well....

Talk about PP, today all F4'ers are informed that we're going to kawat(march) during our school's sports day, someday in April. First time kawat.... hmm.... hopefully shouldnt be a bad experience. Gonna start to practise marching tomorrow.... sigh... :(
Some cunning AJKs chose me and CW to join PP's society magaz comittee. Sigh.... we consider ourselves unlucky one, 'coz there's still many out there to choose, but dunno why they chose both of us. :(

Sigh... today slept 2 times in tuition. Too tired 'coz ystrdy I sleep at 1.30am. :(
No mood at all..... must have enough rest. :(

Oh well.... now I hate DENTAL appointment, which I'll be having on Wednesday.... 10am... OMG!!

Listening: Gloomy Sunday - Bjork.

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