22 March 2005

Activity mania.

Having PJK and marching practise in the same day is tiring.

Oh well.... PJK period is enjoying although I injured my leg. :(

Didnt really have any lessons today other than AddMath & Sej.
Lucky for me, my Sej gets 19/20. Less than WC's sis 1 point.... :(

First time marching... hmm... dunno what should I say. Good or bad.
Good is I learn something and marching is another method to form a good self-dicipline.
Bad is it's bored. Stand there wait for command and do according to the command... not my cup of tea at all. :(
Marching with an injured leg isnt that easy at all. Although it's just minor cut, but it's annoying whe it comes to marching.

Btw currently writing this blog without net connection. Dunno what's Strmyx' prob lately.....

*Update, 17.17:
At least the Strmyx customer service is doing something. Called them, and it works after all. :D

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