19 February 2005

Sungai Loong....

This evening I went to KarMing's place at Sg Loong with SzeWei them.
Took LRT Putra to Sentral, and then met with SzeWei. Then later change train to Komuter to Kajang. I was suprize that the train fare are so CHEAP!!!! From my place to Kajang there only less than RM10.... damn economic traveling!!

KarMing's place was afew times bigger than my house... I was amazed by it, so does SzeWei and his bro + sis.

After I had buffet dinner, I play basketball and football with those friends. Usually I dont like to play basketball, but then I still play it.

Later we play firecrackers and fireworks. One of the crackers bursted in abnormal way, and the burst hits my waist. Arghh.... my precious Sims 2 t-shirt was burned a small hole.... faggin' sad.... :(

Oh well, in the end I leave KarMing's place with another friend Uncle Lam. On the way back I chat with them, and I love their family.... had great sense of humour, esp Uncle Lam himself.

It's kinda weird that although it's late night alrdy, but the road is still congested. There's 3 places we stucked in jam.... 1 is b'coz police's road block, another is accident and another one is unknown reason.

Today was a great day... but I've to finish do many things.... sigh.... SRM..... :

Group photo
Listening: Croatian Rhapsody - Maksim.

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