21 February 2005

Monday Life

As usual, we'd our weekly essembly on Monday.
Today Students Union's AJK ask me to announce something on the stage, which is a thing that I havent tried before. He wants another guy to speak in malay, so I choose the innocent CW to acompany me. :P

Well this is my first time announce on the stage, but I didnt felt nervous about it. As for CW.... he say he's giggling on the stage..... heh.....

During recess I was informed to be on duty for money-returning duty in DK1. I was suprise that someone selected me, TW and Ing together to be on duty today. Was suprise.... but didnt really shock about it.

HAM must be hinting me dont miss this golden chance.... but then it seems I fail him. I just chat with her awhile.... not much words then continue my work. Oh well.... in the end I dump her to take over Haw Jiun's duty today evening....heheh.....

Listening: Heart Of Asia - Watergate.

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