08 February 2005


For now, I'm concern about my future studies..... my parents allow me to choose any subjects I want, provided I'm have interest with it.

These is my current choice...


I personally not so good in Math, and I'm lazy to count the figures.
I'm not good in language/literale subjects too... I might have a little interest in English, but I still wasnt very good in it.
I can speak in Chinese very well, but I cant write very well... esp in essay-writting part.

I was thinking.... wheter those 3 subjects are related to each other? But in school I can only learn Chem and Bio, while Geo I'll need to take extra class, which I think wasnt enough. So..... I've no idea for now.... in my mind.....

I sorta like Psychology too.... and I do believe music has some sort of relation with human psychology. I've the ambition of creating a kind of music that can manipulate a person's emotion and mood.... so we could gain control of a person's mental and psychology well. Sigh... nowdays the community is having lots of stress... and many ppl are having probs to take care of the stress. So, I was thinking to create a special music, to had everyone come down and relax..... forget about the prob for a time..... and spread the music and peace thru out the world.........

I have quite different taste in music if compare to my friends around. Not many of them share the same taste of music, and I really appreciate to have friends who have common interest with me, like DJ. :D
I'm favoured to classical, techno, crossover, and sentimental. I seldom listen to pop, although I do have afew fav pop songs. I like classical pieces... but I prefer remixed or techno version of classical. Maksim, the Croatian piano player was a master in this. He can play both pure classical and crossover very well, and that attracts lots of young fans. I also like the game O2 Jam and BeatMania IIDX, which features classical pieces edited into a totally diffrnt type of classical.

Dreamin' eh? I think so.... but I'm looking foward about it. :D

Listening: Suteki Da Ne - Nobuo Uematsu(Final Fantasy X).

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