01 February 2005

I missed this party!! :(

TW's party 1

TW's party 2.

I felt myself being an idiot for not attending the party.... even though TW invite alrdy....

Sigh.... now I can only taste the joy of the party from CW's pics..... :(

P/S: Some of them's expression & action changed alot.... while some didnt change at all.... :

Listening: Suteki Da Ne - Nubuo Uematsu(Final Fantasy X).


  1. erm..i don't want to hust up anything liao lar..
    tell you something lar...
    before this i got a bit bu suang you de...cause you look like bu suang me...but now leh..i see you so good..no more bu suang you liao lar..very like you time..i know you sure say geli de...like not same as love lar..^^i so happy to know you..friendship forever^^ happy new year^^

  2. Yea, I admit I do have some grudges with you before.... for now.... let it be the past and dont mind the past ok? :D

  3. erm..sure let it be^^
    i so good de^^ don't put it in heart^^
    put god in your heart^^