04 February 2005

Grand Finale?

Today our school are having a major clean up within the school area. I was selected to duty by the name of Students Union....

My job was one of the worst part to clean up... that is the backalley behind the "kampung" classrooms. That place was locked up for years and years and no one ever clean it up. Luckily there's still other groups helping us back there.... and we dug out some unusual stuffs, like 10cm+ long earthworm.... a "big fat" potato... which I think is poisonous 'coz it's been burried in a damp ground for dunno how many years alrdy.... One of my senior notice a small CROCODILE at the small drainage just behind the wall of the backalley. Not many of us believe him but he seems to be 100% with that. Who knows? Maybe it's a lizard? Dunno.... dont care. :P

We're done when it's 10.10am.... the recess time of our school. I'm tired.....
At SU's room.... someone reminded me of spotcheck, which is performed by prefects. I immediately run back to my classroom and took my file folder to SU room to keep some "goodies"... which is CDs I promised my friend fo burn for them.
Then.... the prefects really perform spot check in evry class. My friend is scare about it.... I know he dont want to loss his CD... and I just give him a grin smile... I was a lucky one.... the CD's which is in my file are left in SU room. XD

Oh well...... next week gonna be CNY holiday, and I wont be available from 9-13 Feb 'coz I'm going somewhere else~
But then I still have AddMath h'work havent finish off.... and I left the answer sheet inside SU room..... :(
Now I'll have to figure out the questions myself... :(

Listening: Mad Moon Sonata - O2 Jam.


  1. i know this has nothing do with your post, but aren't we just so happy that Manchester United BEAT ARSENAL 4-2?!??! YEAHHHHHH!! And RONALDO scored twice!!! :)

  2. I do posted my comments about the thrilling 2-4 win over Le Arse.... XD

    But seriously, nowdays football doesnt dominate my mind that much anymore... :\

  3. ....
    i want to say..
    p.p room let you do until like a place to let ppl put brg larangan.
    karen also saw it..i believe it there is a crocodile there.teacher also said,there is a lizard in the longkang a few year ago.It death cause longkang tersumbat.
    MT got question need to write in paper?what is it?tuition one?

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  4. TW:
    Heh.... a dead lizard behind b'coz of stucked drainage? LOL..... kinda funny to hear that since those kind of lizards usually live in that condition.

    I photocopied JuShua's AddMath answer paper.... as a reference. Sigh... now I've to do it myself. :\