02 February 2005

CNY off?

Although we're having Chinese New Year holiday next week.... but I still have a few more homeworks havent finish up.... :\
Oh well, I hope I could finish all those works off before CNY.... 'coz I wont be around in CNY season.

I dropped Eng in my tuition... 'coz I think my school teacher are better than tuition's.

My school's Eng teacher named Mdm. Santhi.... and my tuition's Eng teacher named Ms. Shanti..... what a coincidence.... According to my mother years ago.... the name Santhi and Shanti has it's difference although it sounds almost the same. Santhi are name for those "higher class" in India's old community, while Shanti are name for "lower class" ppl.... Well I dont think it's 100% true but.... nowdays ppl wont mind that very much, as I think.

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