08 February 2005

Balik Kampung.

That means "back to hometown" in Malay. Yep.... I'm going back to my mother's hometown in Kedah, a northen state in Malaysia(KL is located central-south in the map of M'sia).
Mostly chinese will go back to the father's side, but my family goes back to mother's site b'coz there's no one left in my father's hometown, everyone had move out alrdy.

I'll be away from 9 - 10 Feb(Wed - Thurs).... coming back in 10 Feb night. I might be able to online awhile, and the following day I'll be going to Pulau Redang, a beach paradise in M'sia. :D

Here's a pic of Pulau Redang.

This will be the resort I'm staying at Redang, Berjaya Redang Beach Resort. :D

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